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Sheffield Road, Templeborough, Rotherham, S60 1DX



This is an interactive Science Adventure Centre full of thrilling experiences.
An adventure for all the family that demonstrates the power and force of the four natural elements: air, water, fire and earth.

Imagine what you could do - cook up a storm, test the power of the earth, play with fire (safely) or get naughy with water. The dramatic interactive experiences will blow your mind.

With over 100 interactive exhibits, children learn through investigation and play.

The Magna Centre is set in the gigantic and awe-inspiring Templeborough Steelworks. Be immensed int he sightsand sounds of the history of steel making and explore the interactive pavillions of Fire, Water, Earth & Air.

In the Water Pavillion (Aqua-Tek) you can shoot at human targets with a water cannon and use water power to launch a rocket. You can also create a boiling geyser.

In the earth zone you can be involved in a working quarry. You can take control of a JCB, shift huge rocks and even explode a rock face. Plenty more attractions as well.

Earth Zone

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Steel
  • Gift Store
  • Adventure Play Area
  • Education Service

The Abyss
Pounding heart, pounding music, semi-darkness and a 150ft leap into the unknown. Experience the UK's only indoor bungee jump.

Feel the heat, Tame the flames, shape it, control it. Let loose a spiral of flame, unleash wildfire, melt the coolest of crystals. Light up your imagination. Be amazed as you stand next to a fire tornado, race with an electro-magnetic crane, melt steel and watch crystals as they melt. Make cables glow red and hot and paint heat patterns with your hands.

Throw it, squirt it, go with the flow. Race upstream, turn waterwheels or make droplets dance. Follow the wter cycle or practice your aim with a Supersoaker. Measure your weight in water. Home of the UK's largest outdoor water play area. You are going to get very wet.

Bring the invisible element to life, unlock the power of the winds. Create a twister. Send yourself spinning in a gyroscopic chair, release a vortex, make ghostly music and see how it helps forge the hardest steel.
Get up close and personal with a twister. Discover what air is and what it can do.

Get amongst the rocks and move them about, crash boulders blast a rock face and work the quarry. Pull levers, hoist your friends! Go down the mine and through the tunnels. The fate of the coal industry is in your hands! Control a Life-sized JCB.
Go deep. The science of the Earth will blow your mind so dig down and unearth the facts. Follow the tunnels, take a digger, crush boulders, explode a rock face. Have a blast.


See the original arc furnace roar into life at regular intervals throughout the day at The Big Melt. Step into the world of steelworkers and their families and go back in time in The Face Of Steel and Steel Reveal to see history come to life on giant video screens - the fumes, the danger, the hardships. Step into the shoes of South Yorkshire's steel workers in the interactive exhibition - Living Steel. These provide a stunning display of the building's history.

Aqua ParkAqua-Tek
Spray, squirt, mist and drench! Get very wet at one of the UK's largest outdoor water play areas.
Take a trip through the water treatment process and spray giant cannons. Get misted in the zap zone and learn how to make your own water filter.

Flame ColumnSci-Tek
Leave the normal rules of physics behind. Dive head first into Sci-Tek and take your body to a new dimension. Leap, spin, twist and climb your way around mind-blowing play structures. Defy gravity and explore the limits of science and technology. Open all year round.

The centre is popular with young and old. Educational tours can be arranged for school parties. Outside is an Adventure Playground. This is the biggest hi-tek playground in Europe!
Contact Tel: 01709 720002

ExhibitsIt is recommended to bring warm clothing as it gets cold, especially during the autumn and winter.

Hot and cold food are availalble to purchase throughout the day. The Magna Store sells a range of souveniers, gifts, books and steelware.

Opening Times
Daily 10.00am to 5.00pm.
Closed 24th to 27th December, 31st December and 1st January.
Closed various Mondays throughout the year excluding school holidays.

Magna Science Adventure Centre official site magna centre

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